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Roberta Sproul (Proprietor)


“Living the dream” which I used to say tongue-in-cheek, has now become a reality. I have been, what I now call, a fiber artist for almost all of my life. From my first 7 foot long, double knit, scarf at the age of ten, to being able to open my very own yarn shop and fiber arts school, is my dream coming true. 

I started my path as a fiber artist with very aggressive goals. The 7 foot long scarf that took me months to knit, was borrowed by my mother to take on a business trip. As she went through the security line and placed the scarf on the conveyor belt, it gobbled up the fringe and sucked it into the mechanism. She thought I would be heartbroken if she came home without the scarf so she refused to leave, made the attendant take the belt apart and saved the scarf! Unfortunately, she missed her flight. Honestly, I would not have been very distraught to lose the orange and yellow monstrosity, but I learned that people do value those handmade items, even if they are atrocious and knitted in mid-60’s psychedelic colors.

On to my next faux pas, six years later, I thought it would be cool to crochet a prom dress. It was the 70’s by now. I bought the bright pink and off-white yarn, and set out to crochet this amazing full-length dress with an open décolletage and fitted bodice, empire waist and long fitted sheath skirt. The dress also had long open work sleeves. I thought I was pretty cool. Guaranteed that I was going to be the only one wearing such a unique gown! I was right, and it was pretty amazing, until…… It was a late spring affair, I started to dance, and well, as I got warm, so did the yarn. The warmer the yarn became, the longer and wider the dress grew. By the end of the night, I was barely wearing the dress – explain that to your father when you get home from the prom! Another couple of lessons learned. Be fearless with your handiwork; just pretend as if you planned it to look that way; and no matter what, have some fun!

Ok, those are two crazy fiber stories, I have lots of wonderful successes. I have taught knitting and crochet classes for a number of years at a local yarn shop. Now I will be living my dream of providing fibery goodness to others and teaching classes to the young and not-so-old. It has been a life-long ambition to open a yarn shop and perpetuate the art of knitting, crochet, tatting, spinning and weaving. Working with fiber is something I’m passionate about and ever so grateful to have this opportunity.

Please come to visit at the shop and enjoy our hospitality, drop me a line on this website if you are coming from near or far. Plan to take classes if you live nearby. You will be amazed and pleased at the satisfaction of donning your first pair of socks or learning some new knitting technique that you didn’t think you could master. And please join me in “living the dream”!  

(note: I still have that prom dress, stop by to see it at Three Bags Full!)